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  1. Hi Ben,

    I’ve seen your posts on the Autopanu/Papywizard forums.

    I’ve just started working with a SkyWatcher (aka Merlin) head
    in the past two weeks, and am struggling with the lack of a decent
    manual or Dummy’s Guide to PapyWizard and Panorama creation.

    The “manual” seems to consist of 1/2 sentence descriptions of each button
    in the GUI, which isn’t really much more than what the label on the button
    already tells you. Is there a better manual, using the Queen’s English?

    A few days ago I took a 204 frame mosaic panorama covering 383 degrees,
    and I just cannot get APG to stitch the bloody thing :-( I thought the whole idea of the XML file and the PapyWizard import was to make stitching virtually foolproof?

    I’m also having trouble getting exposures in bulb mode for astronomy. Last night I set up a mosaic of 1 minute exposures, and ended up with one very over exposed frame of duration ~5680 seconds!!

    Any advice and guidance would be muchly appreciated!


    Andrew Cool


  2. I’ll get in touch via email or I’ll get too verbose here 😉 . I think AutoHotkey may be your quickest option to add a T-mode shutter release with Papywizard. The XML output is very useful for positioning images but you still need to be careful with automatic fine tuning of the image alignment. I ended up bypassing the XML and created a database tool to generate both Papywizard presets and PTGui project files before shooting.

  3. Hello Ben. When I saw your very nice reprojections of fisheye photos on the flickr vedustimo group, I said to myself “here’s someone who could really use Panini-Pro”. That’s my tool for reprojecting wide images in ‘synthetic natural perspective’; basically the Panini (aka vedutismo) projection but adjustable in all sorts of ways to suit the subject. I will be selling it by the end of the year. At present it is in free beta test, and I would like you to be one of the beta testers.

    If interested, please go to http://tksharpless.net/paniniv1/, download it, give it a try, and let me know what you think of it.

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