FM PanoInclude development begins

Over the past decade I’ve gone through my fair share of panorama formats for online delivery;  QTVR, java, Flash and HTML5 to mention a few.  Dealing with format changes, or switching viewers can pose a number of problems which require a lot of work to resolve so before I begin yet again it’s time for a more sustainable approach.   Continue reading

Masking with PTGui

Side by side Masking and Detail Viewer in PTGui

Side by side Masking and Detail Viewer in PTGui

Parallax errors aside, many gigapixel images contain a number of “errors” due to the nature of capturing portions of an image over a period of time. People and cars getting cut in half at the border between images are the most obvious. Some of the latest features added to PTGui now make it practical to do a lot of manual tweaking prior to stitching so to test these out I set our to produce a stitched image with no post-editing other than colour adjustment. Continue reading

Hello world…. again!

After a short-lived false start, I’m back again to set up this website. The tutorials and other pages that I’ve worked on before will come back gradually one page at a time but time constraints have pretty much blown away any concrete plans. Instead, I’m just going to let the site evolve on it’s own, starting with blogging some of my smaller projects and experiments to give some for the forums a break from my posts 😉

If you’re looking for some of my older sites they’re still available here:

… or check the links section in the footer for other sources of my photos and panoramas.